07 Apr 2009 @ 9:36 AM 
chrysler-sebring-convertableMy car is starting to piss me off.  It was working fine until my wife and I tried to go shopping and then the thing wouldn’t start.  I turned the key and not even a noticeable drain on the battery.  Everything else seemed to be working with the exception of the gas gauge.  You know, when you turn the key into the “on” position the gas gauge registers how much gas you’ve got but not in this case.  Anyway, my wife and I started to look through the fuses and relays and at first we couldn’t see what the problem was so we ran out and bought a starter relay just to see if that was the problem.  Got it home and it wasn’t.  Rats!  Well, at least we’re only out $8.  Then, as if by an act of God, I pulled one of the ignition fuses and I noticed it was burned out.  Now we have the culprit so I ran out and bought some 20 amp fuses.  I got home, put the new fuse in the car turned the key and the new fuse popped.  I tried another one and it worked the first time and popped the second time.  Now I know I have a short somewhere.  Now I know what I’m doing this weekend.  It’s either that or I keep a steady supply of fuses in the car. 

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 15 Mar 2009 @ 4:05 PM 

I know to many this isn’t a big deal but I’m excited to start this.  My wife Judy isn’t as excited as I am but she understands the opportunity this represents.  My friend John has a website called InstantController.com and we’re partners in our venture but so far it has been mostly him.  Now it’s my turn to pitch in as much if not more than he does as I have a lot of ground to make up.

I have plans to take this forward and hopefully work for myself but not too hard.  I’ve read the 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and I believe in his concepts.  Maybe not all of them but enough of them to want to work for myself but not get in the way.  To enjoy life, spend it with my wife and family and decide how my life will turn out and not be controlled by a series of events as they unfold. 

I have sooooooo much to learn about having a website but that excites me as well because we all need to continue to learn things especially those things that help others and those things that interest us. 

I’m writing this at work and I can’t spend all night on it so stay tuned….

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