09 May 2009 @ 7:24 AM 

pocketgophersThese little critters are giving me a HUGH headache.  My front yard is beginning to look like the Ardennes at the end of 1944 (that’s is where the Battle of the Bulge took place).  And my backyard is looking like the surface of the moon thanks to my dog chasing the annoying little rodents.  And that’s what they are rodents.  They’re not cute and cuddly like in the cartoons.  They’re buck-toothed, burrowing rodents that need to be eliminated.gophers2  Now we have tried every which way to get rid of these little tunnel makers.  We’ve tried poison and we’ve even buried one of their dead comrades that my dog got in the front yard to scare away other of the subterrainian rats.  That worked for a while but now they’re back.  Both of my yards are similar to the New York underground with its subway tunnels.  I can’t walk across my yard without being the victim of a cave in.  IF anyone has an idea on how to get rid of these things I would appreciate it.

Posted By: David
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